A short list of links:


For a great website about Oaxaca and a springboard for other good sites, check out www.planeta.com

Our favorite language school in Oaxaca is Solexico at www.solexico.com but there are other fine
language schools in Oaxaca as well.

Our favorite musicians and educators in Oaxaca are Arturo and Jim. There website is www.commlinks.org
Unlike some, they spend a lot more time out in the field and promoting good causes than they do on their website.

Our favorite celebrity customer (we think she is a celebrity, although she might not admit it) is singer/writer Lila Downs. She puts on occasional concerts in Oaxaca, but look for her in your home city, and don't miss her if she comes. www.liladowns.com

If you are coming to Oaxaca and want to make a reservation at the small Posada Margarita behind the cafe (a great location!), you can go to their their website: www.laposadamargarita.com

Lastly, a good source of travel (and other) info for Oaxaca can be found at www.tomzap.com


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