On right: Emi in her home town of Cieneguilla recruiting workers for the cafe! (Well OK, that's not entirely accurate. Actually she is working with these students to study their native Chatino, read Spanish, and use computers (which her brother Tomas connected to the web via satellite).
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The story of the Cruz family is remarkable, and it is a story that continues.

It should perhaps be added that none of the family, and least of all Emi, would approve of this addition to the website. But I think that it is a story that needs to be told for its sheer inspiration if nothing else. I have never met a more positive and energetic person than Emiliana Cruz. She and the rest of her family haven't just "pulled themselves up by their own boot straps": they have yanked themselves up! And now they are yanking up others with them.

Needless to say, I am a huge admirer of the Cruz family. And since I have access to this website's server and they don't, I can say anything I want about them and they can't stop me!

So hah Cruz family! Maybe there is something you can't do!

(Probably at this very moment Papio is trying to hack the server to take down the site).

Paul Shepherd, Olympia Washington April 2006