Our Mission: To provide a comfortable and relaxing coffee house environment for travelers, students, and local residents in a setting that encourages social interaction; to provide great organic coffee drinks and (mostly) organic food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner); to employ and empower local Oaxaqueños and pay them well above industry averages en lieu of making a profit, and to support the farmers of organic coffee and other regional produce.

Our Business Philosophy: People first, money last. Los Cuiles is a non-profit business: all earnings are for the staff and kept by the staff.

Our coffee. We like it strong but not over roasted! We select a mild, full flavored blend which is roasted daily a few blocks away by Juan at Cafe Nuevo Mundo.

René needs coffee to wake up; Alejandra doesn't!

Our desserts: Made fresh daily in our kitchen by Toña!

Our food: Mostly local cuisine, some "imported" ideas that we are particularly fond of, like waffles, soy burgers, humus salad, and fresh spring rolls (yum).

Our weakness: We like to stay in touch with the outside world. The Cafe provides free high speed wireless internet (wi-fi hotspot) for its lap top endowed customers. What, didn't bring one? Well, you will have to read a book then. (We like book readers in the cafe!)

Our hope: You will come to Oaxaca, stay, and when (if?) you leave Oaxaca, you will leave it a better place than when you came. There is a lot going on under the surface that the tourist doesn't see. Grinding, seemingly indomitable forces that oppress. Be your own force. Be a force for good.