Some people open cafes to make a little money, some people open cafes because they enjoy the cafe culture. Some people never even think about opening a cafe.

We're not sure why we opened Cafe Los Cuiles. It just seemed like a cool thing to do.

You see, Emi had just graduated from college, and I was getting bored of my work. We were friends and we were living in Olympia Washington.What you should know about Olympia is that it gets about 6 weeks of summer, and it rains the rest of the year. So, the idea of opening a cafe in Mexico where it is sunny and nice most of the time. . . well the idea was quite appealing to us one dreary afternoon as we huddled over our coffee in a local coffee house and watched the cold rain batter the window.

I had failed miserably a few years earlier with my grand scheme of taking over Mexico City with espresso carts. Nineteen million coffee drinkers! I would open six thousand carts. I couldn't fail! But I did. Turns out, Mexican mafiosos controlled the streets.

Emi is from Oaxaca. "Hey, what about opening a cafe in Oaxaca?" she mused.

"Any mafia there?" I asked.

"Yea, but they are friendly!"

"Perfect. When should we do it?" I asked.

"What does your schedule look like?" she asked.

I pulled out my pocket planner. "Lets see. . . nothing scheduled for...well, it looks like I've got nothing scheduled for the next six weeks. Let's see, . . . yea, it looks like I have an appointment to get my wiper blades checked on November 17. Don't wanna miss that."

We flew down to Oaxaca a few weeks later, and soon found our perfect location on Calle Antonia Labastida (following big signs with yellow arrows that said "OPENING SOON, CAFE LOS CUILES." We still don't know who put those signs up directing us to the empty local, but we thank them.)


Maybe it is our charming personalities . . .

We are just a small cafe in Oaxaca, but everyone seems to know about us. Maybe it is the free wireless internet we offer.

Maybe it is our huge salads.

Or maybe our charming personalities. 

Could it be the waffles?                            

Or maybe it is just because we have a nice comfortable place to hang out and meet people and and drink good coffee and eat good food.

We don't know, but we like it that way. One thing we do know is that it is still raining in Olympia ...!


Emi stayed in Oaxaca to get the cafe up and going, and I rushed home to make my wiper blade appointment. And that is how we opened the cafe.

OK, if you have read this far and you really want to know a little more about us, click to read more about Emiliana Cruz or Paul Shepherd.

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